Robert GrossmanPEARL PROPERTIES GROUP is an integrated team of realty related specialists offering a broad array of services for consumers and professionals. Our group holds itself to the highest standards of practice so that consumers are consistently happy with our work and eager to return to Pearl in the future.

Pearl Properties was founded by attorney and licensed real estate broker, Robert Grossman. Mr. Grossman was inspired to create Pearl Properties after witnessing the business example set by his father, Arthur. The senior Mr. Grossman was involved in real estate and business projects along the East Coast. Over the years, he also became well-versed in real estate finance and mortgages. What set him and his projects apart from others was that he consistently relied on strong family relationships and unwavering integrity to build his network of associates and to complete his transactions. This was the platform that inspired his son.

Robert Grossman founded Pearl Properties after gaining insight into the real estate business from multiple perspectives. He has worked for companies in real estate acquisitions, finance and mortgages. While practicing law, he advocated for several hundred clients, contesting their property taxes assessments and consulting to various investors on real estate developments from single-family homes to multi-unit projects. Additionally, Mr. Grossman obtained his M.B.A. from Columbia University in New York City. It is from this knowledge base that Pearl Properties was established.

Pearl Properties Group takes pride in our extensive knowledge of the real estate marketplace from home sales, relocation and mortgage advice to construction loans and new developments.

In addition to over sixty years of real estate experience, our team members draw from many business disciplines. Their backgrounds range from law, real estate, finance, banking, and marketing to provide the finest expertise available for the marketing and sales of real estate. When representing purchasers and sellers, this wealth of business and local real estate experience helps guide the team with unique insights into the evolving market conditions and a valuable perspective in the analysis of customer’s questions.

Pearl Properties Group, LLC serves the New York region and is well established in Westchester County, New York City and counties to the north. We have teams established throughout the region with knowledge of local markets and consumer trends that will assist you in all aspects of real estate. Additionally, Pearl Properties can deliver up-to-date market trend information from municipal filings with current market analysis.

Pearl Properties Group believes that the customer deserves a rewarding experience by providing guidance through the entire spectrum of real estate services. Our objective is to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations. Every customer is provided an experienced team member in whatever phase of the real estate industry they seek advice: including sales, purchases, relocation, mortgage advice, development and leasing.

Put our knowledge, expertise and results to work for you so you will get the results you want.

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